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How to use Beeseal for horse riding

Beeseal is well known and appreciated by the equestrian community because of its many possible uses, and especially its benefits for the horse and its harness.

Our natural and Canadian equine conditioner is effective for:

  • Hydrate and treat dry hooves

  • Soothes superficial cuts and scrapes

  • Moisturize and protect any leather or vinyl equestrian clothing

  • Protect upholstery and harnesses from mud, water and dirt

  • Shine riding boots

  • Etc.

Why use Beeseal ?

Beeseal was created by and for the equestrian world.


Show riders, professional jockeys and experienced breeders all trust Canadian Beeseal to clean, condition and protect their equestrian equipment and clothing.


Made in Canada from natural ingredients, Beeseal is one of the most reliable and durable products to clean and protect both your equipment and your pet.


Note that Beeseal should not be used in pregnant or pregnant mares.

Will Beeseal change the color of my leather?

Like any product applied to leather, Beeseal may slightly darken the tone of your leather. Dark leather is well hydrated leather. We recommend doing a test on an invisible piece of leather.

How to apply Beeseal ?

Since it is as good for the skin as it is for horses, Beeseal can be applied directly with the hands, or with a sponge.


  1. Make sure to apply Beeseal on a dry surface with no visible dirt.

  2. Take a small amount of Beeseal with your fingers, and melt it in your hands.

  3. Apply with hands, soft cloth or sponge. Make circular movements on the hoof or harness.

  4. Use a clean, dry cloth to remove the excess. The rendering is non-greasy.


Use Beeseal as often as needed.


To maintain the natural suppleness of your leather, be sure to air dry your leather equipment in the open air, away from a heat source.

One Beeseal , many uses


Leather clothing

Whether on a jacket, shoes or a handbag, applying Beeseal Leather Conditioner will hydrate and protect your leather.



Thanks to its natural formula, Beeseal cleans, moisturizes and protects all surfaces of leather, wood and PVC

in your home.

Car and motorbike

Beeseal is the ideal protector for the car or motorcycle, as it cleans and protects any leather, vinyl or rubber surface.


And so much more!

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