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100% natural ingredients
by Beeseal

Unlike many leather protectors on the market, Beeseal does not use any product derived from petroleum or animal fat. All the ingredients that make up Beeseal are 100% natural and from Canadian plant sources. Why ? Because we believe that any leather conditioner should only contain ingredients that are good enough to be applied to the skin, period.


Moisturizing and soothing, beeswax is widely used in skin care and household products. It helps to maintain hydration inside the skin, leather or wood by creating an invisible water repellent barrier, without greasy film or residue. Unlike petroleum-based products, beeswax leaves the surface breathed while protecting it from environmental toxins.

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Olive oil

Moisturizing and antibacterial, olive oil is useful in cooking and beyond! As a natural fatty ingredient, it easily penetrates wood and leather to deeply hydrate, leaving the surface smoother and supple.

Lemongrass essential oil

Soothing, cleansing and deodorant, lemongrass essential oil gives Beeseal a sweet lemony scent. It contains aldehydes which clean surfaces and leather.

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Coconut oil

Coconut oil prevents dry skin by forming a thin layer on the skin. It is quickly absorbed by leather, wood or skin to rehydrate it. It protects against bacteria, viruses and mold thanks to these caprylic acids.

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Tea tree essential oil

Antibacterial and antiviral, tea tree essential oil has been used to clean leather for centuries. It is known to attack mold while maintaining the suppleness of the leather.

Canola oil

The fatty acids in canola oil help soothe and treat dry skin. Rich in vitamin E and K, it is frequently used in body care because it contributes to the suppleness of the skin. Combined with beeswax, it is very effective in repairing damaged wood surfaces and rehydrating wood. For leather, it is a softener.

Vitamin E

The vitamin penetrates into leather, wood and skin to revitalize. It is frequently used on cutting boards and countertops to clean and protect wood in contact with food. For body care, vitamin E plays an important role in the production of collagen, helping to hydrate the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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The story of Beeseal

Beeseal was born from a passion for the equestrian world and leather products, and a desire to create a product that stands out.


Points of sale

Beeseal is a proudly Canadian product, recognized around the world. Find it at your local retailer, or at major equestrian or agricultural events.


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