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This shoe shine kit measures closed: L 6 5/8 W 4 1/4 D 2 5/8 and contains 2 Canadian bees of 75 g, 1 soft brush and 1 harder brush as well as a soft cloth to do so shine - Materials: cotton canva faux leather zipper with zipper.
Versatile beeswax conditioner.
This quality leather conditioner is a versatile item for your home, car or stable
Beeseal polishes and conditions surfaces for waterproofness, suppleness and shine while leaving a clean scent.

Use it for leather, wood, rubber, plastic, etc.
You can use it on leather and clothing, wood furniture, cutting boards, butcher counters, PVC plastic items, rubber and more. Try it on everything.

Revitalize your artifacts.
The unique blend of beeswax and natural oils will do wonders for your full grain leather and wood artifacts.
It will help you preserve life, repel water, and prevent seams from rotting. Thus, your artifacts will be fresh and like new.

Made in canada
Beeseal is a natural moisturizing balm. It is made in Canada with only the finest ingredients.

Top quality ingredients.
- Beeswax: waterproofing, rust removal, wood and leather conditioning.
- Olive, canola and coconut oils: rehydrating, revitalizing and softening.
- Vitamin E: brings shine to wood and leather.
- Lemongrass and tea tree oils: deodorization and cleansing, offers a soothing scent.

Canadian Beeseal - Shoe Shine kit with 2 Format of 75 g

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