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Cowboy Boots with Canadian Beeseal Leather Conditioner
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How to use Beeseal on leather clothing

Whether on a jacket, shoes or handbag, applying Beeseal Leather Conditioner will hydrate, protect and waterproof your leather.


Proudly Canadian and natural, our beeswax-based grease is the perfect ally in your wardrobe to make your genuine leather clothes and accessories shine, such as:


  • Leather jacket and jacket

  • Leather boots and shoes

  • Leather belts

  • Leather gloves

  • Leather bags, handbags and wallets

  • Leather sports equipment

  • Leather hat

  • Any leather accessory, regardless of the type of leather used (except suede)


Beeseal can also protect all your synthetic leather, vinyl, rubber and wood accessories, such as:


  • Vinyl jacket and jacket

  • Rubber boots

  • Etc.

Why use Beeseal ?


Over time, the leather dries out. It becomes dull, pale and dry to the touch. It can also allow water to penetrate, while leather is naturally water repellent.


Beeseal protects, waterproofs and restores luster to your most expensive clothes and accessories. By using Beeseal, your products will not only regain their new shine, but you will give them a better lifespan. Beeseal also leaves a slight scent of lemongrass.


Note that Beeseal cannot be used on suede or suede (velvet leather).

Will Beeseal change the color of my leather?


Dark leather is well hydrated leather. Like any product applied to leather, Beeseal may slightly darken the tone of your leather. We recommend doing a test on an invisible piece of leather.

How to apply Beeseal ?

You can apply Beeseal in two ways: with your hands or with a sponge. Always test an inconspicuous area of ​​your leather before complete application.


  1. Make sure to apply Beeseal to dry leather with no visible dirt.

  2. Melt a small amount of Beeseal in your hands.

  3. Apply in a circular motion to your clothing or leather accessory with your fingers, a soft cloth or a sponge. Prefer a thin layer application so as not to darken the color of the leather.

  4. Remove excess by rubbing lightly with a clean, dry cloth.


Use Beeseal as often as needed.


To maintain the natural suppleness of leather, keep your products away from heat sources.

One Beeseal , many uses

équitation pro

Horse riding

Beeseal is well known and appreciated by the equestrian community because of its many possible uses, and especially its benefits for the horse and its harness.



Thanks to its natural formula, Beeseal cleans, moisturizes and protects all surfaces of leather, wood and PVC

in your home.

Car and motorbike

Beeseal is the ideal protector for the car or motorcycle, as it cleans and protects any leather, vinyl or rubber surface.


And so much more!

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