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How to use Beeseal for the car or motorcycle

Beeseal is the ideal protector for the car or motorcycle, as it cleans and protects any leather, vinyl or rubber surface.

Easy and quick to use, Beeseal can be applied to almost any surface of a vehicle, for example:

  • Leather seats

  • Dashboard

  • Rubber moldings in the doors

  • Tires

  • Windscreen wipers

  • Etc.

Car interior Before and After Canadian Beeseal
Why use Beeseal ?


Our leather conditioner is both a cleanser and a moisturizer. Since Beeseal does not contain animal fat or petroleum by-products, it does not leave a white residue or a greasy effect. Proudly produced in Canada from Canadian ingredients, it is well suited to winter conditions that prematurely wear out vehicles.


By applying Beeseal to your surfaces, you protect them from stains and dirt while restoring them to their original glossy sheen. Thanks to the natural ingredients that make up Beeseal, your car will emit a delicate lemon scent worthy of a new vehicle.

How to apply Beeseal ?

Our product is so soft, it can be applied directly with the hands! You can also use a soft cloth or sponge.


  1. Make sure to apply Beeseal on a dry surface with no visible dirt.

  2. Take a small amount of Beeseal with your fingers, a cloth or a sponge.

  3. Apply in a circular motion on the surface to be treated.

  4. Remove the excess by rubbing lightly with a dry cloth.

One Beeseal , many uses

équitation pro

Horse riding

Beeseal is well known and appreciated by the equestrian community because of its many possible uses, and especially its benefits for the horse and its harness.



Thanks to its natural formula, Beeseal cleans, moisturizes and protects all surfaces of leather, wood and PVC

in your home.

Leather clothing

Whether on a jacket, shoes or a handbag, applying Beeseal Leather Conditioner will hydrate and protect your leather.


And so much more!

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