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Keep your leather soft, supple and water repellent

Canadian Beeseal  Leather Conditioner

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Beeseal is a heavy-duty conditioner that cleans, hydrates and preserves leather and wood.

Proudly Canadian and natural product, it can be applied to clothing, shoes, furniture, horse hooves, equestrian equipment, leather seats, etc.

100% natural and organic


Proudly made

in Canada


Beeseal, the ideal product

to hydrate and protect all your leather, wood and vinyl products.

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Leather clothing

Whether on a jacket, shoes or handbag, applying Beeseal Leather Conditioner will hydrate, protect and waterproof your leather.

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Horse riding

Beeseal is well known and appreciated by the equestrian community because of its many possible uses, and especially its benefits for the horse and its harness.

Car and motorbike

Beeseal is the ideal protector for the car or motorcycle, as it cleans and protects any leather, vinyl or rubber surface.



Thanks to its natural formula, Beeseal cleans, moisturizes and protects all leather, wood and PVC surfaces in your home.

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Canadian Beeseal Leather Conditioner

Beeseal , one expertise, two types of products


Leather and wood conditioner

Leather products and accessories


I use it for all my riding gear, shoes and wood. Very good product which does not leave greasy surfaces after application.

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