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The story
of Beeseal

Even before creating Beeseal, Mathieu Thibodeau traveled across Canada and the United States to participate in competitions and equestrian shows. Passionate about leather, he sells leather products and accessories there with his mobile shop Callabus (horse, in Latin).


After years of selling leather conditioners and gravitating into the equestrian world, Mathieu Thibodeau knew well the products available on the market, and especially their flaws. Determined to create the ideal product, he begins to test in his garage.


A basic idea guides him: “If you can't use it on your skin, don't apply it to your leather. ”Beeswax is essential as a basic ingredient in Mathieu's eyes, because it is natural and effective. Since it is very strong, beeswax must be mixed with an oil to make it more malleable. In most products on the market, it is combined with animal fat or a petroleum by-product. For Mathieu, this is not an option: his ideal conditioner will be 100% natural.


For months, Mathieu talks with professionals: saddle makers, leather craftsmen and herbalists. Throughout his research and tests, the list of ingredients becomes clearer. Every element that makes up its product is there for a reason, and every ingredient comes from Canadian sources.


The end product is a versatile, heavy-duty conditioner that can treat leather as well as wood, vinyl, clogs or skin. It cleanses, hydrates and creates a natural protective barrier. All this, without any animal products or petroleum by-products.


Today, Mathieu is still present at major equestrian events and agricultural fairs. He still sells his Callabus leather products there, in addition to offering his own leather conditioner, Beeseal. Beeseal's reputation is well established with the equestrian community. Beeseal is recognized and sold all over the world.

Beeseal is the assurance of a natural and plant-based quality product, proudly made in Canada.

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Beeseal does not use any product derived from petroleum or animal fat. All the ingredients used by Beeseal are 100% natural and from Canadian plant sources.


Points of sale

Beeseal is a proudly Canadian product, recognized around the world. Find it at your local retailer, or at major equestrian or agricultural events.


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