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Protect your leather with Canadian Beeseal Premium Leather Conditioner.

2 x 150g/5.5oz pack



  • ✔️ Non-toxic and safe for household use: conditions leather and wood furniture, cutting boards and leather garments such as shoes, clothing, accessories, etc.
  • ✔️ KEEPS VEHICLES IN TIP TOP SHAPE: Restores leather seats, dashboards and tires on your car or motorcycle
  • ✔️ Take care of equestrian items: shine your skate and use it as hoof conditioner
  • ✔️ Give a new look: shoes. Furniture, saddle and fishing tackle, shoes, upholstery, saddlery, leather jackets, gloves, belt, wallet and shoes. Give a new look to your leather motorcycle and car interior



Made in Canada
Beeseal is a natural moisturizing balm. It is made in Canada with only the best ingredients.

Top quality ingredients.
- Beeswax: waterproofing, rust removal, wood and leather conditioning.
- Olive, canola and coconut oils: rehydrating, revitalizing and softening.
- Vitamin E: brings shine to wood and leather.
- Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oils: deodorizing and cleansing, provides a soothing scent

Canadian Beeseal - Leather Conditioner - Pack of 2 x 150g / 5.5oz

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